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The Product

The Innovation

The innovation 
The LRT-Triple trampoline from ALPHA CHAMPTM with its lateral inclined surfaces is the next stage of development of the conventional mini or fitness trampoline. The additional lateral jumps allow a higher intensity of training to be achieved and thus also increased energy expenditure or calorie consumption. Originally, this trampoline was designed specifically for high-performance sports training applications. 

With improved functionality and a modern design, the LRT-Triple trampoline complements the features of traditional trampolines and enhances the range of use and measurable training effects. The symmetrically arranged, lateral jumping surfaces improve dynamic mobility and allow demanding combinations of lateral jump routines to be performed.

The innovative and one-of-a-kind equipment design offers a variety of training options. Specialized training methods developed by ALPHA CHAMPTM enable targeted exercise routines for particular sports to be trained in a coordinated way. The forms of training are easy on the joints, but can be designed to be more demanding in terms of balance, coordination, and intensity. Using lateral jumping surfaces results in altered muscle activity and kinematics. This not only improves the performance of the cardiovascular system by training diverse muscle groups, but has a positive effect on all motor skills and abilities such as stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, dexterity, and coordination.

The intensity or load range can be easily controlled by rhythmically alternating periods of exertion and rest, that is, by alternating contact and flight phases (Rebounding). Thus, the LRT-Triple trampoline has a broad range of applications as a high-quality training device for gyms and sport facilities: from primary health-oriented fitness training to the fields of performance training, training therapy, prevention, and rehabilitation – it impresses its users with the variety and enjoyment it offers those taking part in both individual workouts and group fitness training.

To learn how to optimize your training on the LRT-Triple trampoline and thereby to improve your performance, read the section YOUR TRAINING

The LRT-Triple Trampoline

The innovative equipment design consists of three mutually angled integrative framed modules that surround the trampoline mats, elastic bands, and fasteners in a hexagonal shape.

LRT-Triple trampoline dimensions

L: 240 cm
W: 115 cm
H: 1,35 m

The height of the handle can be adjusted and removed.

To meet the ergonomic criteria of different application methods, the robust LRT-Triple trampoline has a continuously adjustable handle that can be easily removed from the frame if required.

The lateral jumping surfaces can be folded for space-saving storage.

The lateral jumping surfaces have a double folding mechanism and can be easily unlocked if necessary and folded to save space. When folded, the trampoline is only about 96x80 cm in size.

The advantages of the lateral jumping surfaces

The adjacent position of the jumping surfaces enables numerous applications for training more effectively through targeted exercise routines. The inclined surfaces allow for combined lateral jump routines as well as dynamic stretching exercises and kick steps to best train special, difficult routines from various types of sports and to optimize targeted muscle reactions.

The compact dimensioning of the jumping surfaces requires more precision when performing jumping and stepping combinations during training exercises, which can increase concentration and coordination, depending on the intensity of the training. Read more about the Training Benefits of Lateral Rebound Training.

Variety of exercises: increased performance through versatile exercise routines

The LRT-Triple trampoline allows for a variety of different, highly-efficient training methods for professional athletes as well as extensive, full body workouts for private users. In addition to high intensity interval training, strength & power workouts, intra and inter muscular coordination, and dynamic training to improve postural stability and control, the LRT-Triple trampoline provides a range of improved cardiovascular and muscle-building training methods in the fitness and healthcare sectors.

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