Frequently Asked Questions

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In order to determine the best possible angle for intense yet joint-friendly jumping, numerous tests were carried out in the design phase. To achieve an optimal training result with maximum stability of the product, the angle for the lateral jumping surfaces of the LRT-TRIPLE Trampoline is fixed.

Yes, it is possible to change the height of the handle and adjust it optimally to the height of the athletes.

The trampoline mats are already installed when it is delivered. Therefore, only the three jumping surfaces as well as the feet and the handle must be screwed together according to the instructions.

The trampoline is not designed or certified for outdoor use, especially not in the rain. It is not sufficiently protected against weather conditions such as rain, snow, etc. However, it is made of sturdy materials and rustproof metal and can be used at your own risk outdoors and in suitable weather occasionally.

The trampoline mats can be cleaned with conventional, soft all-purpose cleaners suitable for plastic. It is not washable in a washing machine. Should it be necessary to replace the trampoline mats and padding, you can reorder them as replacement parts.

It is possible to train all muscle groups with the equipment. You can find more details at Training Methods.

Shipping is generally possible worldwide. However, the destination has an impact on delivery time and delivery costs and may be contingent on minimum purchase quantities. Please contact us via the contact form and request an individual quote.