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The varied movement dynamics over three rebound surfaces angled towards each other allow highly efficient training methods to be implemented, which are established as LATERAL REBOUND TRAINING in professional and fitness workouts. The novel lateral jumps, which are possible due to the inclined surfaces, lead to a strengthening of the muscles surrounding the joint and the capsule-ligament apparatus. This is important in sports where injuries to the collateral ligament and cruciate ligament (knee joint, ankle) are common.

The next generation Lateral Rebound training

Every jump on the Alpha^Champ…

  • strengthens the core muscles
  • stabilizes the joints
  • improves sensorimotor function
  • activates the cardiovascular system
  • improves speed and jumping power

Benefits of Lateral Rebound Training in football?

  • quick warm up
  • balance, stability and jumping power
  • inter- / intramuscular coordination
  • challenge players with new training equipment
  • increase performance
  • quicker recovery after injuries
  • preventive training
  • increase of coordination skills in combination with the ball
  • easy on joints - rehabilitation training

Workout library

Checkout our newest football drills on the rebounder:

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Now flexible leasing option for clubs

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